"Raising cattle dogs for the cattle man"
My name is Derk Robinson, all my life I have grown up on a rodeo/cow ranch. At a young age I knew there had to be a better way to move and gather cattle, so I began looking for a cow dog. Not knowing much at the time I found a decent dog in 2002 that made things alot easier. It was then I realized that I wanted to find good dogs tough enough for me and start raising some myself.

I now have many good dogs out of proven lines. I raise some litters every year along with starting many young dogs. My dogs are bred for cattle and have plenty of bite, stamina, grit, and herding ability, along with being very biddable.

I have a great passion for raising and working these cattle dogs. I love to see an animal do what they are bred to do and do it well. My dogs are tough enough to handle cow/calf pairs and can also tone it down to work young yearlings smoothly. I spend a great deal of time socializing every litter of pups to ensure the best prospect for potential buyers.

Feel free to check out my dogs and be checking in for updates on litters and started dogs.

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My raised kennel system. 8 holes 2.5 ft wide by 4 ft deep. I built this system on a 20 ft trailer frame for easy moving and transport. The floors are made of a fibergrate interlocking kennel flooring, and ribbed tin metal was used for the siding as well as the dividers between each hole. Plastic barrels are mounted on the back for a bedding area for each dog. With proper lighting this trailer is still within legal road dimensions.